Battle – Shopify vs. BigCommerce: What Is The Better Online Store Builder Out of these Two?

Shopify vs. BigCommerce

Shopify and BigCommerce are arguably two of the biggest names when it comes to online store builders which is why it is no surprise that people often have a very tough time when trying to figure out which one they should go with. Since both of these online store builders have their own pros and cons when it comes to the options they offer, in this article we will talk about a few of them with the hope of helping you out when deciding between them.

Design and the themes they offer

There is absolutely no denying that design does matter since it is the first impression that your customers will get of your business. When it comes to the design, using a theme is one of the best ways for you to get a website that is functional, and also has a great design, and both BigCommerce and Shopify offer you themes that are either free or paid for. Something that sets Shopify apart from other online store builders is that they use independent professional designers to create their themes, which results in Shopify always having themes that are fresh and modern and have the ability to make your store look more credible. BigCommerce’s themes used to be considered as pretty outdated, but they have since added some new, pretty good looking themes that are a part of their premium themes. However, despite the new, more modern themes BigCommerce have come up with, Shopify still offers more themes- 149 premium ones vs 76, and since they have the help of professionals that create the themes, we fell that they are just the better choice.

Customer support

There is nothing worse than running into some kind of technical issue while operating a business, and that is why having a good support team that is available at all times is crucial. Both of these online store builders offer great tutorials and have community forums that are easy to follow and even have screenshots to walk you through how to set everything up. Shopify is known to have one of the best support teams in the website builder industry and you can reach that team 24/7 either on the phone, via online live chat or email. BigCommerce doesn’t fall behind when it comes to this since they also offer 24/7 support via email and online chat, and even though they didn’t offer phone support, they now do that too. On this point, both builders are equal.

Ecommerce tools

This is another important point, as tools are something that can make or break an online store. Shopify offers you some advanced tools, like product reviews, customer wish list and much more, but the bad thing is that these advanced tools are only available on their App store where you have to pay for them. BigCommerce on the other hand, offers you the most comprehensive set of tools from any of the other online store builders out there, and all of their advanced tools are included in their monthly fee. That is why, he have to give this one to BigCommerce.

Even though both of these online store builders have their own pros and cons, you can see for yourself that it is a pretty tight race since they both offer so much. The best thing for you to do it to take their free trial periods and see which one will be the perfect one for your needs.